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We offer website Design and maintenance using:

  • Basic HTML
  • Dynamic HTML
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Databases
  • Image and Photo Editing
  • Forums, Blogs, Galleries, more......

We belong to these groups:

Microsoft Developer Network PayPal Developer Network eBay Deleloper Program

We use this software and others to create and edit pages:

Dreamweaver Paint Shop Pro PhotoShop
DreamWeaver Paint Shop Pro PhotoShop

This site is compatible with these browsers:
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All of our sites are compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Some functions are not available in any version of Netscape, if anyone is still using it. This does not normally cause any loss in service, however. Most older browsers will work on our sites, but there may be certain functions that are not 100% compatible, like the forums, blogs or shopping carts. We also have some sites with Flash aniations that may not show up in older browsers. Those sites all have options for non Flash browsers. If your browser in not compatible with any of our sites, you can just contact the site owner and they will work with you. If you are a site owner and you need compatibility with a browser not listed, or if you find any issues with your browser, we will work with you.

We can maintain your site for a very reasonable price.

Hosting Packages:

We can set up your hosting package for you (at an additional cost) or we can host your site. You can also just buy a hosting package if you plan to maintain your own website**. We have several different packages available. Rates are available upon request. Our "Basic hosting package" features include, but are not limited to:
  • Control Panel access (CPanel)
  • Web Stats
  • HTTPS secure site (using a shared or dedicated certificate each of which is available at additional cost).
  • Dedicated secure hosting also available (host on your own secure server, at additional cost)
  • Up to 25 e-mail addresses
  • Up to 5 SQL databases
  • PHP/Form Mail
  • E-mail Auto responders 1 per address
  • phpBB Forum
  • Wordpress blog
  • Zen Cart Shopping Cart with PayPal/Credit Card Payment Modules and USPS - UPS Shipping Modules (customized carts available)
  • FTP Manager with up to 5 accounts
  • File Manager
  • Self maintained sites available - tech support at addition cost.
  • Webmail
  • Custom Error Pages
  • CGI scripts
  • Perl
  • Spam Assassin
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Password Protected Folders
  • Directory Browsing Options
  • Cron Jobs
  • Open PGP Keys
  • Parked Domains 1 per package
  • Sub Domains 1 per package

AND MORE..... Note that our hosting packages offer access to these features, not implementation of them. Your use of these features is included in your basic hosting fees, having us set up, maintain or troubleshoot these features is not. If you maintain your own site, you will need to understand how to use these features. You can always ask for help if you do not, or you can ask to have us do it for you at a reasonable cost.

Hosting setup fee is waived if you are transferring a current domain name to our host or if we are registering your domain as part of a package. ** If you maintain your own site, you are responsible for your bandwidth and disk space. Bandwidth abuse will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to terminate any account for such abuse. Payments for hosting are due on the first of the month, regardless of the date your site was transferred or prepared. (sites transferred late in the current month will be credited for the remainder of the month). No adult sites are allowed due to bandwidth concerns. If you host with us and we find an adult site in your package, the package will be terminated immediately without a refund of ANY payments made. There are no exceptions. If you wish to host an adult site, we can arrange for a dedicated server with much higher usage limits. This must be discussed before you host with us.

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